Entrepreneur Challenger

Entrepreneur Challenger is a skill acquiring platform for any aspiring or existing entrepreneur. Here you will find entrepreneurs sharing different business models and the latest strategies that produce results.

Instead of you trying to do everything yourself (Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), learn about effective marketing strategies that will give you an exponential growth in shortest time possible.

Use this opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and learn what is currently working for them.

What you will get on this platform?:

  • The How (to do things)
  • Community of like-minded entrepreneurs (tribes)
  • 1-on-1 help (for extra attention)

Software Tools & Outsourcing

Still doing everything yourself & manually? How about a little bit of help and automation?

Other Features:

  • Your expertise challenge. Teach or find a challenge you are interested in.
  • Join a tribe (groups by topic)
  • Join your topic forum.
  • Find partners for JV opportunities.
  • Find investors for your business idea.

Upcoming challenges:

  • Business web topics: Your internet home in 5 days: from finding & registering appropriate domain & hosting to website setup & lead conversion.
  • Advanced web topics – lead generation & follow-up automation strategies.
  • Business marketing topics – proper setup & configuration of your advertising accounts (Google/YouTube, Facebook).
  • Advanced marketing topics – targeting your ideal customer avatar & running paid advertisements including KPI analysis